FFLA Case File 6: Sonatta Morales

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Hello my lovelies!

So on the menu for today I’d ike to start with Sonatta Morales. Another participant of FFL’s event, she has contributed many a fashionable ensemble to the second world, ad this is just one of said fabulous creations. With no ado whatsoever, here’s Sky featuring Aldebaran. A beautiful, warm and sassy cocktail dress coming complete with matching clutch and shoes. This beautiful piece is a sleeveless with a high neck and fold over collar. The skirt is wide and flowing in a curved design with the focal point the lack bow belt wrapping the waist like a christmas present you can’t wait to open. The shoes are simple and elegant and stand at about 5 inches.


  – I may have a cocktail party just so I can wear this.

 – There will be alot of patronising Miss Morales before the year is done.

 – Sonatta Morales wins my cocktail dress of the week award.

Check her out and lots of others at Fashion For Life, and hurry before its done, I may be blogging bout it long after doors close but my shopping will already have been done by then so buy buy buy and support our fight for life against cancer.

xoxo Sky


FFLA Case File 5: Fantavatar & Moonstruck

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Wearing these things, somehow Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ comes to mind. Not because I’m a lez girl and there is nothing wrong with that wink wink), but because the design is so out there and eye-catching. Truly, they’re not nearly on the scale of which Gaga would wear to the red carpet events but I gotta say they’re pretty damn close.

I’m sporting the bubbles outfit and the squary black outfit for this on. The bubbles is emblazoned with furiously loud and bright colours like orange purple, gold etc. It’s also endowed with circular attachments which resemble multicoloured bubbles. The top is a corset designed tight almost metallic, its upper half in variations of purple and the bottom in variations of gold and orange. A strap of bubbles comes down from the left shoulder to the right upper end of the corset which keeps the neck from appearing to bare. The bottom of the outfit consists of a fitted ankle length skirt over which flows the elegantly crafted over skirt, which is short in the front and comes down to the ankle in the back. To finish the outfit the elbow gloves are added and the hair with bubble hairpiece caps it. Definitely new age stylish in my opinion.

The Squary Black is a retro stylish design with a one-legged body suit. The leg ends in a bell bottom styled mermaid tails skirt. The other leg is elegantly covered by  side cape that comes down from the breast of the corset and down to the ankle. It has a strap of square shaped attachments in various colours which falls from the right shoulder down to the left thigh. The hair is designed fo the outfit with square attachments added in the hairpiece and it also completes with a pair of elbow gloves.

My final show piece are the silk heels. It’s a simple design strapped a the ankle and clipped to a side. The velvet black is smooth and appealing. All in all, these are three definite excuses to shop Fantavatar and Moonstruck at the FFL sims if fighting cancer wasn’t enough already.

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xoxo Sky

FFLA Case File 4: ArisAris

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In this feature we take a   two samples of what ArisAris has to offer, namely the Balloon Dress and Silk shoes.

First of all this dress may come off as unwearable due to the poofing around the midsection (hence the name balloon dress) however, I have come to find in the world of fashionistas, if you know what you are doing nothing, is unwearable. The dress itself is tastefully designed with a subtle but sexy colour blend of tan and grey with a darker black outline off the edges. There is a silken bow pinned to the top right side which artfully draws attention to the diagonally sides of th dress rather than its center where the fabric tightly hugs the skin. The center piece is draped in such a fashion that with proper styling the dress isn’t some puffed up mess, but a classy choice for the day. What helps also is the top and bottom which close in around the body as well as the design of the excess fabric around the middle so it isn’t awkward. I quite enjoy it but I assure you if it’s not your cup of tea, I won’t judge, but there are plenty of other choices to be made at their store on the FFL sim.

Secondly the silk shoes are absolutely gorgeous. They’re low platformed with a white-capped heel and drapped and wrapped over in tan fabric which grip the right places and fall perfectly where it needs to. It ties off in a ribbon at the front and finishes the elegant design in a spectacular showing of desire. Don’t believe me take pic at my ampics.

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Don’t forget to support FFL and all the designers who are contributing to fight cancer.

xoxo Sky

FFLA Case File 3: Katsucide

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Who doesn’t love a good body toning, tanning, make up and what not. Katsucide develops a ton of gorgeous, well crafted skins with different make up choices for every occasion. The first designer to really make me take on an extra set of skins in conjunction with the sets I already frequent (hey I’m a fan of variety but I am not a patchwork quilt so I do not have a different colour for every day sorry). Anyway Sky totally nudified this one to give you a nice clean look at the skins I got from Katsucide. See for yourself what I be talkin bout. Mwahz

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xoxo Sky

FFLA Case File 2: ::Shoen::

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So in case you ever wondered what Japanese royalty feel and look like, pick up this number from Shoen and slip into it, then spin your cam around and stare at yourself for a few minutes like I did. I mean Sky has enough outfits to fit in a couple of abandoned warehouses but one thing I didn’t have was a beautifully tailored, high class, formal yet tasteful kimono. It’s the perfect blend of authentic and modern style, and where they meet in the middle is perfection. From the corset top to the sexy slit down the legs fastened together by lengths of black ribbon, I mean what more is there to say. The colour and design are subtle which you can accept with your choice of styling or enhance by contrasting it with something bold. The shading of the gown is a contrast of albino, aluminium and silver and the outfit is pulled to a focal point at the belt which is of black, aluminum and violet/pink colour, wrapping around the waist and tying up in a majestic bow at the back. It will most often be hidden by the cape which falls over the back and off the shoulder bound to the off shoulder straps. All in all, Sky says yum and will definitely be on the lookout for my next themed formal event to show of my new Shoen Kimono Gown, namely ‘Sei’.

Check out Shoen at Fashion For Life’s display fashion parade and don’t forget to shop til you drop, it will surely help in the ongoing battle against cancer.

xoxo Sky

FFLA Case File 1: Silken Moon

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Malicia Python, proud owner of the 2 year success Silken Moon, is one of the happy designers featuring her goodies in this years FFL event. Silken Moon specializes in the creation of skins, but having the know how and means, Malicia develops clothing when the mood suits. Have a look at her featured Gatcha dress the wrapped silk purple vintage. Form fitting and elegant, the dress clearly suits mosyt any purpose be it a cocktail, or a club scene. The dress is done in a light shade of royal purple and is dressed with silk folds that come in tight from top to bottom, hence the wrapped title. The top of its strapless design grasps the bosom tightly while the bottom opens out with a waving hitch from the right leg and down to the left.

You may also notice the sriking  and gorgeous ‘HypnotEyes’ I am wearing in mercury. The swirling silver orbs of desire enhance the features of your avi and give it an intense look with increasing depth every time you take another glance.

Silken Moon for FFL check em out, don’t be shy, and don’t say I never gave you anything.




OMG 10 Days of nonstop Fashion Parade….FFL

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Yes you heard me. not FML but FFL, and its back again this year. For those of you who aren’t aware of it FFL stands for Fashion For Life. What was once developed as a side project, contributing to the efforts of the Relay For Life events has turned into a full blown stage, standing on its on and propping up so many coming together to use a new outlet in order to raise awareness and funds for cancer and the research to preventing and maybe even curing it one day. This will be FFL’s tenth year running and to commemorate the event as well as provide an even bigger and better experience for sponsors and patrons, there will be ten sims housing over two hundred designers portraying fashion for all. Now please my pretties, you must know that Sky is going to be all up in that, I mean part of the bloggers for FFL group and part of the group given early admittance so we can have a free go at the beautiful cornucopia of complete smexiness. I mean, yes I am sure I scared you a bit with all that ultra serious talk but that was just me trying to allow the reporter in me to get out such important information right, but now that that’s done sheeeeeee””sssssss baaaaaacccccckkkkkkkk. So let’s get right down to the root of this shhh. We’re looking at ten days of non stop goodwill fashion bonanza and really who doesn’t love a good fashion week (I know I do). It’s gonna be like London and Paris all rolled in one and all that glorious cash will be donated to the Relay For Life General Fund which goes straight to the American Cancer Society, so you tell me, when has there ever been a better time to immerse yourself in all that is fashion. Between you and me, and I’ll deny it if you tell, but there is such a thing as a Justified Shopaholic. So meet me there and keep it locked to Sky Élite because I will be at ground zero from today onward right up until these ten sims close giving you the best in class, style and the purest sexy.

Don’t say I never gave you anything,

You know you love me

xoxo Sky

P.S. check out the website: