FFLA Case File 6: Sonatta Morales

Hello my lovelies!

So on the menu for today I’d ike to start with Sonatta Morales. Another participant of FFL’s event, she has contributed many a fashionable ensemble to the second world, ad this is just one of said fabulous creations. With no ado whatsoever, here’s Sky featuring Aldebaran. A beautiful, warm and sassy cocktail dress coming complete with matching clutch and shoes. This beautiful piece is a sleeveless with a high neck and fold over collar. The skirt is wide and flowing in a curved design with the focal point the lack bow belt wrapping the waist like a christmas present you can’t wait to open. The shoes are simple and elegant and stand at about 5 inches.


  – I may have a cocktail party just so I can wear this.

 – There will be alot of patronising Miss Morales before the year is done.

 – Sonatta Morales wins my cocktail dress of the week award.

Check her out and lots of others at Fashion For Life, and hurry before its done, I may be blogging bout it long after doors close but my shopping will already have been done by then so buy buy buy and support our fight for life against cancer.

xoxo Sky


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